Taxable service changes following in the GST registration:

Taxable service changes following in India:

Taxable service changes are the essential things in the Placing in the GST registration process. Since the inception of service tax is the most notable thing and the explanation on levy of service described in the finance act, 1994. The service tax is changing from the time to time. There are many numbers of circulars, instructions and clarifications are following to promote the good business. These steps are trying to clarify the scope of statutory provisions.  Legal interpretations are highly valuing thing in the administration of service tax.

Every new change of acts and laws are become redundant and anachronistic, new issues have arisen on account of changes in law and procedure. It is also same in the GST filing. This circular aims to consolidate the procedural issues relating to service tax. The abolishment of Central value added tax properly replacing in the Goods and Service Tax.

Taxable service following in the CENVAT:

Central excise on the Input purchase are the essential thing in the CENVAT taxable procedure. This tax levied on the manufacturer at the time of product / good came out of the sale. It is the mandatory for the manufacturer to pay the bill relating the good or service in the service tax process. GST registration is saving this pitfall. This indirect tax is free from the GST. After the GST using this form of service is paid in the place of end user. Service tax targets only the business people. It is one of the complex things and inadvertent inconsistency or contradiction between the service tax and GST.

GST is a destination basing Taxing method following in India. It overall concentrates the goods and services. Not only the business personnel but the consumer also takes participation in this new GST process. GST filing is the essential process the tax paying in every stage of the goods and service attains the credit of final consumption. Central excise tax, Sales Tax and Value added Tax is the split things in the service tax. These are permanently removing in this GST filing.

Service tax limitations in the previous acts:

The turnover limit or the aggregate value of the taxable service for the threshold based exemption is ten lacs. Once it is following according to the 69th section rule no4 of the service tax. Exemption goods and service section limits with the achieving of the turnover not more than nine lacs. GST registration companies and business can breaks out the small limit and enjoy their business 40 lakhs to 1.5 crores. As per the composition scheme 1 percentage tax will collect from the business or company admin. Credit distribution is subjecting one in the service tax procedure.

Input service distribution under GST is considering as the inheritance in the goods and service tax filingprocess. The tax invoices are flawlessly distributing through the CGST, SGST and UGST. Except these provisions it will go to the IGST of the supplier units. Especially the service relating business, which is functioning under the group or several units are coming into the identification of Input service distributor in the GST filing.

Taxable service in the revolutionary way:

In the previous following of the service tax process is totally different from the GST registration process. The special forms are entitling underST-1 before using foe the tax registration for services and goods. Within 30 days provision commencement are enforcing one. A person providing more than one taxable service is requirement of taking only one single registration. This process is replicating the exact process in the GST filing.

A person, who promotes more than one business in the same state or the different state can pay or file their GST report within a single GST registration. It is one of the more valuable business records of authentication in overall India. The central zonal and region business undergoes for the CGST in the GST registration procedure.

Service tax return procedure:

The service tax return is filing under the section 70 of the rule no7 of the act. As per the outdated provision, any person is liable to pay service tax. The return fling is following in the half yearly basis. This condition is strictly prohibiting for the Input Service distributor. The persons who are not liable to pay service tax need not to file the return. It is the changing one in the GST registration process. Input service distributor commonly categorise with the large amount of expenditure and other billing expense.

All the payment and bill issuing of business transaction held at the central business area or the head of the business units. To simplify all the credit taking positions and lessen the risk of the business entity GST filing is the single option to safeguard the too much tax difficulties. The different channels of business like manufacturer, producers are not involving too much in the taxation rule under GST filing.

Taxable service assessment of GST from service tax:

Normally, under self – assessment scheme the service tax payer assesses his tax liability and pays the amount which is assesses. The service taxpayer is not in a position to determine the service tax liability. Classification of taxable service or issue of admissibility of exemptions are noticeable one. There is any changes are occur the tax payer have to either pay the differential amount with interest. This complexity erase in the follow up of GST norms. Simply, in the process of GST registration, the self-assessment process is the business safeguarding step following in the taxable service.

Each month tax paying calculations are easy one in the new gst process and norms. Indirectly, monthly and annual return filing assessments are coming under the broad section of the “provisional assessment”. The tax payer has the full right to assess the tax amount paying without any flaw. As per the government permission individual or the business admin easily get their provisional assessment in the GST filing and return filing process.

Recovering amount in the service tax process:

Any amount is collecting via this tax payer as a service tax that is not permissible in terms of the service tax law. It is directly depositing to the central government. In other words no amount shall return to the tax payer any delay of deposit collecting with the interest of 13% premium. It is hitting the nail on the head. GST registration is offering the valuable solution to this issue. Clean and clear process is following in this current affair of return the amount under this GST provisions. As per the recovery of GST, the unpaid amount will stand and it keenly showing the amount should pay after the time schedule of two or three months.

GST filing is combining with the interesting sector on the recovery proceeding. To regain the amount the tax payer need to provide the proper letter to the head with the specified reason is following the return the amount. Otherwise it will be adjusting with the next GST filing in the monthly or quarterly basis. It is the process ensures the transparent tax process keenly applying in India.


GST registration is the mandatory thing to commence the business anywhere in India. It is the business passport for all types of business commencement. Good and service tax registration is the consolidating feature in the taxation history of India. Unifies tax is the overwhelming change in India. The too much counselling and corrections are still now processing. To develop the country in overall aspect of tax it is a good change in the course of action.

GST registration proceedings its positive and negative outcomes in the overall tax paying system in India. As soon the complexities resolves the GST will get the polishing structure and clear way of impact in all section of people.


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