Master circular changes in GST from Service tax:

Master circular changes in service tax:

Master circular changes are the mandatory rules made under the instruction which shows the scope of the statutory provisions. GST consultancy is essential one for the new business registration. Legal interpretations are needed to be clear and lucid for the further legal formalities not to enforce or collide with the business proceedings. Service tax is introducing before more than a decade in the GST formalities coming into the rule. There are many number of clarification and master circular changes are common in the process. More than twice government deciding to take comprehensive review on the changes of the service tax fully transforming into the GST filing.

The changes and the monitoring the overall process and other responsibilities are bare by the government officials. The new judicial pronouncement is not to be contrast to the already existing thing. Trade and industry association is one of the efficient body not be offend under the new provision is the huge responsibility need to maintain by the government. GST consultancy and registration is thenew amendment essential for the business people trades for their finest and flawless business proceedings.

Master circular 37 B in the central excise:

Service tax circulars are supersedes with the master circulars, order issue and communication are applicable once under the service tax system with the separate division of 37B. Various field formations on all technical issues are including the scope and classification of taxable service. Valuation of taxable services, export of services and services from outside India, scope of exemptions all are the considerable matters in the levy of service tax. These all efforts are improvising in the new GST return filing. Service tax circulars are withdrawing from time to time all these issues are getting stoppable in the new amendment.

At the time of introduction of the finance bills and after enactment of respective finance acts, a letter is issue by TRU explaining the provision containing in the finance bills/Finance acts. Such letters explaining the provisions would be read in the relevant context. Views stating in the circular reflect the interpretation of the law and the current practice of the department. This new GST registration circular does not override the legal provision. The relevant statutory provisions are still formulating in the Goods and service tax proceedings.

Coding system following in the Service tax:

To get easy reference the coding system is following one in the previous service tax process era. CBEC are indicating separately for each individual issue. Individual reference code is giving foe each issue. Unique three digit reference code relates to a specific taxable service. In addition to three digit codes are also provided for issues other than individual taxable service. 996 for the services provided from outside India and receive in India. 997 code for the export services and 998 for valuation of taxable service. GST return filing is maintaining in the unique portal. Digit codes are following with a slash there after the date will issue clarification.

HSN code is the eight digit code for the product coding system as same service coding system is separately maintaining for the service offerings. Harmonised system of Nomenclature is the abbreviation stands for the HSN code. CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Custom) has the power to authorise and issuing the codes meticulously for the apt and suitable services. GST registration is commencing the HSN code process with the perfect arrangement. It is totally different from the service tax code system. Turnover is the central process determining the value of the turnover. HSN code and its structural forming are different and unique one.

Limitations of HSN code:

Overall turnover of the business and its limitation is crossing the level of the limit more than 5 crores the HSN code will be comes under the 4 digit number. More than 1.5 crores business limitation is receiving the digits of 2 in the GST filing process. Fewer than 1.5 crores profit turnover is not need the requirement of the HSN code for their business proceedings. The exclusive export business is stamping with the eight digit of HSN code. Registration, migration and other essential changes are mandatory to express their HSN code to deduct the service without any error. Small scale business are not including in the burden of taking HSN codes. Goods and service transaction in India is powerfully relay on this HSN code system.

Service of packing together with transportation of cargo or goods or services with loading or unloading and unpacking are not taking as the professional package and not allowing for the transportation by means of the business. All the business and GST consultancy must insist this basic condition for the business entrepreneur’s welfare. Especially the food relating business notifies with the features of premise of commercial building, factory plant, machinery and so on. But agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry are the exceptional process.

Master circulation on the Agriculture:

Rent and lease of the agriculture farm and other animal husbandry are taking special care under the GST registration filing process. To improvise the agriculture and boosting its positive contribution transportation of the food and agricultural products GST exempt its values for the agricultural and horticultural products. Special reduced rates are enforcing on the agricultural goods. The exemption of CENVAT on the essential food products are resolves with the too many indirect taxes. Agricultural relating commodities are regulating with the renowned board of the National Agricultural Market. Input tax credit and inter-state transportations are lessen one comparing with the former service tax procedure following in India.

GST impact on the textile business:

Textile business is one of the notable industries very much helping to improvise the India’s GDP. Textile Manchester is the remarkable business process in India. More than 10% of overall business profit annually expecting from the textile industry in India. GST consultancy and filing process get its stocking on the cotton fibre. Cotton is the agricultural product getting the exemption from the GST taxation. Unwanted credit processes are totally violating one in this business process. Flawless input credit system helps a lot for the business improvisation. Manufacturing costs are also reducing a lot for the overall total of the GST taxation in the textile business. Registering tax payers could get enormous benefit through the GST registration.

Master circulation of GST:

GST return filing helps a lot for thebusiness process. From the small business proceeding not mandatorily need the GST certification. Business can be growing day by day. Small business is attains the great scope for the good condition of the business promotion. At that moment the GST seems to be the obstacle. To resolve the upcoming business issue GST registration is one of the finest options. Small business is under the limit not forcing to file the taxation. Simplified tax system is the primary plus of the GST process in the business world.

Compliance on the GST registration, the avoidance of over consuming taxes, less taxation levied on the state border are the advantage streams are enjoying through the legal gst registration process. The initial limitation of the goods and service are extending with the limit of 40 lakhs is the pleasurable option coming under this process. The rapid change of circulation helps a lot for the smooth business running.


GST registration is certainly a notable legal change amending in the economic history of India. Complex and multi-layer form of tax systems are abolishing in the new attempt of the Goods and service Tax. It is the great revolution holds the one tax system following in the overall country. Several cascading taxations are resolving with this GST revolution. Almost 80% of the business registration in India shaped under this GST filing process. The remaining percentage and other new businesses up to the next level stand with the strong hold of goods and service tax procedure. Get ready for the evolutionary growth of GST filing in India.


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