Auditing process and its basic procedure in post GST filing

Auditing process and its importance in GST

Auditing process is the vital one for the filing for GST. As per the provision of GST act is the GST registration is following in India. Commonly, three types of audits are following in the filing process. It is the mandatory rule that a Chartered accountant or Certify Cost management should file the GST registration for the welfare of the company. The limit of the GST registration turnover is limiting up to 40 lakhs. As per the law provision, the commissioner or any office of CGST, SGST, or UTGST can conduct audit report. The frequent manner of audit is also prescribing as per the due course.

Auditing process and its basic procedure in post GST filing | Solubilis

Chance of scrutiny, inquiry and investigation all are inevitable if any wrong proceeding occur in the GST filing. Maintaining accounts with normal limit is good one. The auditing process need to complete with in time. The over limit of time will consume more penalty. Try to complete within time frame. Submission with right date is essential one. The audit must take place of business taxpayer. It can easily resolve the doubts on accounts.

Auditing process and its manner of conduction:

An issue of notice is the first step. It is issuing not less than 15 days to conducting the auditing process. The auditing section is following under the sec (65) the maximum time limit of three months is assuring fact. An Individual need to know this process before applying for the GST registration is very helpful one. Suppose, the audit is not complete within extending three months of time, it will record. The report of the record is in the form of written statement. Further it is extending for 6 months but not more than this time limit. Gst registration on individual name or the owner of the business may inquire at the process.

Otherwise, verification of account books, the invoice documents also requiring one. For furnish the details, the owner may assist the persons.  At the time of inquiry they will answer on the behalf of the owner. For the timely completion they will be assisting through the Cost manager. Within 30 days the taxable person should record auditing and other account finding as his/ her duty. Deduction of tax, input and output tax are need to submit without any error.

Auditing rules and assessments:

The auditing period should conduct for a financial year or multiple times as per their requirement. GST registration is the process allowing the business admin to undertake the auditing process and submit it to the government portal. GST ADT- 01 is the specific form this submission process. The verification is mandatory one. This verification process bases on the submission of the statement submission. Turnover, exemptions, and deduction claims and rate of tax. The proper officer will inform the business admin as per the observation produce his reply. Special audit conducts through GST form ADT-03.

Auditing process and powers and rights:

Seizure of Goods is recovering through the proper officer. The rank of the person is not below the rank of the joint commissioner not allows to conduct this process. Proper GST registration and audit submission will resolve all those issues. Further the statement could send to the officer of central tax. It is based on the legal calamities. Central tax officer has the full right to seizure the goods. It stands not only for goods documents and account books and things all are come under same account. Only after the necessary examination and inquiry this process will further processing one.

Reasons to believe is mentioning for the knowledge of facts. It is the objective determination on intelligent care and evaluation. It is distinguished from purely subjective consideration. Although, the officer is not requiring any reason. Before issuing the authorisation for search he has to disclose his form of belief. The recording of reason believes variable one for each case. At the time of conducting search the recording will be effective one at the time of search warrant.

Search operations and its basic requirements:

The proper submission of GST filing will not come as the huge issue. To extents the law procedure is the basic for all citizens to know its importance.

Valid search warrant is the authentication to search a premise.

The disclosing of identity before their search and showing their ID cards are crucial one.

 In charge of premise will receive the warrant notice and taking their signature is a law proceeding. Along with the in charge or owner the witness signature also taking as a proof.

The presence of the witness is crucial one. There is no witness in this place. The local member will call and explain the reason for the search purpose to explain for them.

After the search warrant is issued it will be record on the register maintenance. At the time of business expansion in foreign country it will be a barrier for proper approval. The correct maintain of accounts and auditing process is the base of well maintain business.

Safeguard of GST acts:

Seizing goods and other documents are not retains beyond the period of their examination.

Photocopies of the documents are allowing taking.

It is taking by the person who is holding the custody of the documents

Total inventory of the seize products made through the examined officer.

Perishable products in the list easily disposed after the inspection.

Responsibilities of the person:

A person who is issue for summon is legally bound as an authorize representation. It is the judicial proceeding following from the Indian Penal Court. The Central Board of Excise and Custom issue the basic guidelines. Especially, the revenue department and ministry of finance are formulating the general guidelines. Senior management officials such as CEO, CFO, and general manager of a large company or public sector are not directly issue for this way. GST registration is essential one without considering the size of the business. To secure themselves from the penalty all registration is need as welfare of the long running of business.


Paying tax is the basic duty of the Indian Citizen. It fertilizes several national functionalities. Income tax filing and GST filing are the notable procedure comes under the accounting records. The flawless accounting is the finest option for the good running of business. It is the basic elements come in the part of company secretarial services. Choose the expertise faculty to record and maintain the clear tax statements for future reference.



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